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NatMEG wiki


This wiki page is intended for NatMEG researchers, alongside the NatMEG website. It contains information of internal procedures such as MEG recordings, data archiving and (in the near future) information about analysis. Content on this page is under (rapid) development, and indeed is intended to continuously remain so. Contributions from the (Nat)MEG community are highly appreciated and we hope this site will become a platform for exchange of knowledge about MEG recording and analysis. If you would like to contribute, please email us to receive an account.

Please feel free to use anything, but not without mentioning due credit.

MEG recordings

Screening of subjects

Preparation of MEG measurement

Tuning of sensors

HPI coil placement

Using touchscreen for digitization

Maxfiltering after recording

Simultanious EEG recordings

Preparing EEG recording

MRI scanning

Procedure for booking the MRI scanner

MRI scanning protocol for MEG

Anonymization and transfer of MRI data from Karolinska Hospital

Organization and transfer of data

Data flow from recording to researcher

Organization of database

MEG analysis

Doing realtime analysis at NatMEG

MRI preprocessing for using Elekta Beamformer Courtesy of Liisa Helle (Elekta).

Using Freesurfer and MNE suite for using Elekta Beamformer Courtesy of Lauri Parkkonen (Elekta).

Stimulus presentation

Coglab's Matlab IO functions

MEG maintenance

Helium filling

Computing at NatMEG

Working on the computing server (lab only)

Using ssh and vnc

Background information

Recommended reading and viewing material

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